Kawai MP11SE Stage Piano [HM2475]

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Price Match Guarantee

  • Supplied with 5 years (60 months at 'your home' guarantee)

  • Latest Grand Feel III wooden-key keyboard action

  • Ebony & Ivory Touch key surfaces, 3-sensor, let-off, counterweights

  • SK-EX Rendering piano sound engine with multi-channel sampling

  • Premium audio processing and amplification powered by Onkyo

  • Powerful, high-fidelity 6-speaker output system with diffusers

  • Integrated Bluetooth® MIDI and Audio with aptX support

  • Modern 5″ LCD touchscreen display embedded within cheekblock

  • MP3/WAV/SMF playback, record, and overdub to USB

  • Spatial Headphone Sound for enhanced depth and realism

  • Attractive, modern cabinet with 6-position adjustable music rest

Keyboard Spec

  • 88 wooden keys

  • Grade-weighted hammers

  • Ivory Touch white key surfaces

  • Ebony Touch black key surfaces

  • Let-off simulation

  • Triple sensor key detection

  • 88-key Graded counterweights

Pedal System Spec

  • Damper (with half-pedal support)

  • Soft (with half-pedal support)

  • Sostenuto

Piano Sound

  • 88-key multi-channel sampling

  • SK-EX recording

  • 8-key stereo sampling

  • SK-EX, SK-5, EX recording

  • 256 note maximum polyphony

Piano Resonance

  • Damper Resonance

  • String Resonance

  • Undamped String Resonance

  • Aliquot Resonance

  • Harmonic Imaging XL: Acoustic Rendering

  • Damper Resonance

  • String Resonance

  • Undamped String Resonance

  • Cabinet Resonance

Virtual Technician

  • Touch Curve

  • Voicing

  • Damper Resonance

  • Damper Noise

  • String Resonance

  • Undamped String Resonance

  • Cabinet Resonance

  • Key-off Effect

  • Fall-back Noise

  • Hammer Noise

  • Hammer Delay

  • Topboard Simulation

  • Decay Time

  • Release Time

  • Minimum Touch

  • Stretch Tuning

  • Temperament

  • Temperament Key

  • Key Volume

  • Half-Pedal Adjust

  • Soft Pedal Depth

Sounds, Effects and Other

  • SK-EX Rendering: 10 rendering characters

  • Harmonic Imaging: 66 voices

  • Reverb SK-EX Rendering: 10 rendering characters

  • Harmonic Imaging: 90 voices

  • Brilliance Yes

  • Other Effects 24 types

  • Speakers 13 cm x 2 (Onkyo woofers)

  • (8 x 12) cm x 2 (Onkyo top speakers, with diffusers)

  • 5 cm x 2 (tweeters)

  • Output Power 100 W (50 W x 2)

  • Headphone Enhancements Discrete SpectraModule™ headphone amplifier

  • Spatial Headphone Sound

  • Headphone Type

  • Headphone Amplifier

  • Display 5" LCD touchscreen (480 x 800 pixels)

  • Key Cover Sliding type

  • Music Rest Collapsible type (6 angle adjustability)

  • Dimensions Width 145 cm (57)

  • Depth 47 cm (18")

  • Height 94 cm (37") [music rest flat]

  • Weight 76 kg (167 lbs.)

  • 79 kg (174 lbs

  • Basic Functions Dual

  • Split

  • Four Hands

  • Transpose

  • Tuning

  • Internal Songs Sound Demo 37 songs

  • Piano Music 29/42 songs

  • Concert Magic 176 songs

  • Lesson Songs Burgmüller 25 (25 Etudes Faciles, Opus 100)

  • Czerny 30 (Etudes de Mécanisme, Opus 849)

  • Czerny 100 (Hundert Übungsstücke, Opus 139)

  • Beyer 106 (Vorschule im Klavierspiel, Opus 101)

  • J.S. Bach: Inventionen

  • Sonatinen Album 1

  • Chopin Walzer (Chopin waltzes series)

  • Chopin Etudes (Opus 10

  • )
  • Alfred’s Premier Piano Course Lesson 1A

  • Alfred’s Premier Piano Course Lesson 1B

  • Alfred’s Basic Piano Library Lesson Book Level 1A

  • Alfred’s Basic Piano Library Lesson Book Level 1B

  • Alfred’s Basic Adult Piano Course Lesson Book Level 1

  • Internal Recorder Total Memory approximately 90,000 notes

  • No.of Songs 10 songs

  • Parts 2 parts

  • Metronome Time Signatures 1/4, 2/4, 3/4, 4/4, 5/4, 3/8, 6/8, 7/8, 9/8, 12/8

  • Drum Rhythms 100 patterns

  • Bluetooth *Bluetooth (Ver. 4.1; GATT compatible)

  • Bluetooth Low Energy MIDI Specification compliant

  • Bluetooth Audio with aptX support

  • USB Audio Recorder Record/Playback MP3

  • WAV

  • SMF

  • Other Functions Overdubbing

  • Line In recording

  • App Functions TBC

  • Connector Jacks Headphone 1 x 1/4", 1 x 1/8" Stereo jacks


  • Line Out 1/4" L/MONO, R [unbalanced]

  • Line In 1/8" Stereo (with volume adjust knob) [unbalanced]

  • USB to Host Yes

  • USB to Device Yes

  • Power Consumption 55 W

  • PowerPower cable

  • Bench Fixed-height or height-adjustable bench *

  • Headphones Headphone hook

  • Sheet Music Classical Piano Collection *

  • Classical Lesson Scores *

  • Finger Exercises

  • Others Warranty Card *

  • Owner’s Manual

  • Internal Song Lists

Product Description

The best keyboard action available in a stage piano. The MP11SE utilises Kawai’s Grand Feel wooden-key keyboard action, which draws upon 90 years of acoustic piano craftsmanship to provide an exceptionally realistic playing experience. As with a grand piano, all eighty-eight black and white keys are crafted entirely from long pieces of wood, pivoting on a central balance pin in a smooth, seesaw-like motion. The Grand Feel keys are longer than any other digital piano keyboard action, with the pivot point distance extended to match that of a Kawai grand piano. When the front of a key is pressed down, the rear rises, throwing a hammer which plays the note. These hammers are graded in size and weight, replicating the heavier bass and lighter treble notes of an acoustic grand piano, while additional counter-weights embedded within the lower keys help to lighten their touch during pianissimo passages. The Grand Feel keyboard action even reproduces the subtle let-off sensation felt when playing the keys of a grand piano very softly, satisfying the expectations of even the most discerning pianists. Finally, the Grand Feel keyboard action features Kawai’s Ivory Touch key surfaces as standard. This finely textured material gently absorbs moisture to assist playing control, and possesses a natural, matte finish that is smooth, but not slippery. PIANO section: Shigeru Kawai SK-EX, SK-5, and Kawai EX instruments reproduced with Harmonic Imaging XL sound technology and 88-key piano sampling The MP11SE digital piano captures the rich, expressive sound of the Kawai SK-EX, SK-5, and EX grand pianos, with all 88 keys of these exceptional instruments meticulously recorded, analysed and faithfully reproduced using Harmonic Imaging™ XL sound technology. This unique process accurately recreates the broad dynamic range of the original grand pianos, affording pianists an extraordinary level of expressiveness ranging from the softest pianissimo to the strongest, boldest fortissimo. The instrument’s built-in Virtual Technician feature allows various characteristics of these acoustic piano sounds to be shaped at the touch of a button, with settings to adjust string and damper resonance, in addition to subtle hammer, damper, and key release noises. This personalised piano sound is further enhanced with atmospheric reverberation effects, delivering a rich, vibrant piano tone with breathtaking realism and authenticity. E.PIANO section: Vintage EPs, twin effects, and amp simulation. The MP11SE features a selection of incredible vintage electric piano sounds, each with their own distinctive characteristics. Enjoy their natural, organic sound, or pass the signal through a wide variety of classic effects stomp boxes, before plugging into one of the five classic amp and speaker cabinets – complete with realistic microphone character and position modelling. SUB section: High quality strings, pads, basses and more The MP11SE’s SUB section features high quality strings, pads, basses, and other useful sounds that are ideal for creating splits and custom zones, layering with acoustic or electric pianos, or for playing individually, at the front of the mix. Additional Bell, Air, and Voice layers bring greater depth to the sound, with flexible ADSR parameters and resonance/cut-off controls all adjustable directly from the panel’s assignable control knobs. MIDI OUT section: Four zone master keyboard controller. The MP11SE features a MIDI OUT section with four independent zones for controlling external devices, or integrating into the studio as a master keyboard. Use the assignable panel knobs to send CC# to connected hardware, or the recorder transport buttons to control a DAW without touching a mouse or leaving the piano. The MP11SE even includes LINE IN jacks and a dedicated panel fader to adjust the level of connected devices, such as that old expander module or semi-weighted synth that you just can’t live without, or a laptop running software instruments. Intuitive operation, large LCD, real-time assignable control knobs. The MP11SE’s control panel is clearly arranged and easy to use, with related functions grouped together and placed where you’d expect to find them. A large LCD display and four assignable control knobs, allow several parameters to be adjusted directly in real-time, without getting lost in menus – concentrate on playing, rather than trying to remember which button does what. 208 Setup memories: enough for the busiest stage musician. The MP11SE allows every single customised sound, knob position, fader level, and adjustable parameter to be stored in memory as a SETUP, and recalled at the touch of a button. With over 200 SETUP memories, the MP11SE is ideal for busy stage musicians who like to plan several shows ahead, before going out on the road. USB to Device functionality, with MP3/WAV/SMF file recording and playback. The MP11SE is equipped with USB connectors that not only allow the instrument to be connected to a computer for MIDI use, but also to load and save data to USB memory devices directly. This ‘USB to Device’ feature allows customised sounds, SETUP memories, and recorder songs stored in internal memory to be saved to USB for posterity. USB memory devices can also be used to play back MP3 or WAV audio or SMF MIDI files, allowing performing musicians to play along with professional backing tracks, or simply learn the chords or melody for a new piece. It is even possible to save performances directly as MP3, WAV, or SMF files for emailing to band members, casual listening away from the keyboard, or further editing using an audio workstation. GFP-3 pedal with optical sensors. As the pianist’s stage piano, the MP11SE includes a sturdily-built triple pedal unit providing full Damper, Sostenuto, and Soft pedal control. This brand new GFP-3 pedal unit has been engineered and manufactured by Kawai, and utilises optical sensors for each pedal to ensure smooth and accurate progressive pedal control without the need for periodic recalibration.

Additional Information
Additional Information
Manufacturer Kawai
SKU HM2475
UNSPC Code 60131001 - Pianos
Custom Stock Status Not currently in stock, but available to order for delivery in March. Please call to confirm 0141 955 1812.