Buffet R13 Clarinet Outfit in Bb - Model BC1131-2-0 [HM0882]

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  • Key: Bb

  • Pitch: 440

  • Choice Grenadilla wood

  • 17 keys and 6 rings

  • Leather case or back pack supplied

  • Unique poly-cylindrical bore design

  • Adjustable thumb rest with neck strap ring

  • Blue steel springs and double fish skin pads

  • Benchmark professional instrument.

  • Hand burnished bore - Improve intonation and centres tone.

  • Power forged key work and posts

  • Pre plated in copper and finished in silver plate

  • High quality long lasting finish.

  • Silver plated adjustable thumb rest gives optimum comfort.

  • Undercut tone holes - improves tone and ease of response.

  • Double fish skin pads give long lasting, good air tightness.

This outfit includes:

  • R13 Clarinet

  • Buffet Leather Case - BC6721

  • Buffet Crampon mouthpiece and ligature

Product Description

Buffet R13 Clarinet


The Buffet R13 clarinet is without doubt the most successful design of clarinet ever produced. Buffet models that succeeded the R13 always bear design and bore dimensions that refer to this clarinet, which was the creation of Robert Carree in 1955. For players in UK until the 1970’s B&H Clarinets in either 926 Imperial or 1010 format were the norm.


Best Clarinet to Buy


For advanced students we always recommend that they purchase an R13 either new or used for 3 reasons. The first reason is that it is the bench mark instrument for all other professional instruments; secondly that it retains a good proportion of its initial cost if it needs to be sold and thirdly that it is a wonderful clarinet. Resale in many cases exceeds the initial new cost if the Buffet R13 clarinet is well cared for and some years have elapsed.


The basic Buffet R13 clarinet is a 17 key 6-ring instrument with an adjustable thumb rest. The unique key design is very strong by its clever construction with forged keys silver-plated on top of a copper coating to the forged key. Robert Carree completely changed the bore of clarinets for all time by using a poly-cylindrical design in which the bore itself changes throughout the instrument. This bore design gives greater stability of intonation in all registers and the R13 is eminently suitable for all types of music.


The focus and darkness together stability of pitch with the ability to be sweet is perhaps its main attraction. Performers do change their clarinets but this is generally to upgrade to a model with extra features or more keys. The Buffet R13 clarinet is equally well at home in the Symphonic world as well as in Jazz or the Military Band world.

Additional Information
Additional Information
Manufacturer Buffet Crampon
SKU HM0882
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